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My music pictures + 50 years

Warmly welcome home to me and look at some of my music pictures and at the same time celebrate that I have reached the age of 50. There will be bubble / beer / wine / etc and snacks and pizza for the evening.

You come and go whenever you want (15:00-late).

Hope to see you!

I have divided the pictures into the following groups:

- Small bedroom: DJ photos from my London trip.

- The kitchen: Timbaktu with friends

Hall and living room: All my friends are stars

The master bedroom: Emrik with friends

The bathroom: All pictures and you

Norra krokslättsgatan 8, first floor
Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/Ny8dggA33xLsBtRr6


0705-42 01 83

Sound test

Lighting test

Me for a couple years ago

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